Hotel Les Suites

This luxury hotel has 197 Suites hotel rooms consisting of 97 Junior Suites, 4 Superior Junior Suites, 86 Senior Suites, 5 Superior Senior suites and 5 Master Suites built on a plot of more than 3,750m² and 23,192m² of built surface. The plot where the project is located is next to the Estepona’s lighthouse and stands (partly) in front of the square of Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church. The main concept of the project is “Finding The light”, designed by our Architect Laura Jimenez Conde this project will be completely developed bynok.

The lighthouse is evocative and rich in meanings and writers from various eras have described on numerous occasions as a construction capable of arousing feelings … the lighthouse provides security and illuminate at night, we announced that we are close to home. And it is that a hotel, after all, is a home over time. Based on this idea, we used the lighthouse as an element of composition based on their ability to order the environment and as an active element in shaping the landscape of coastline.

Thus, around the three cores of vertical communications building it is ordered and are the true protagonists in shaping the facade, with its glass skin inspired lighthouse lantern. This glass skin wants to relate to the city. During the day, the mirror-glass reflects the architecture, the sky and the sea that surrounds it, and at night, recovers its most important quality, light. It is important to the meaning of what a lighthouse is built: to be seen and allow the view around, and it is precisely this that is to be reflected in the design of the building, to be seen at night and act as a lookout during the day.

Through the porch to the building located on Avenida Spain, facing the square of the Church, you enter the hotel lobby space designed with double height, conceived as a large window open to the sea that greets us and shows the wonderful Mediterranean landscape. In order to lose firmness and heaviness in their base, on the north side (Avenida Spain), the access floor is completely glazed, creating a floating effect of the building, peeling of the earth, as if it were a ship sailing at sea. A plot of rhombuses, continuing the idea of ​​the lighthouse lantern, make up the rest of the facade, being part of them practicable.

Horizontal circulation area of ​​the building, stands open to Avenida Spain. opaque and transparent rhombuses generate a set of lights and shadows in the access corridors to the rooms. There is a difference of three floors between Avenue Spain and the promenade and the maximum building depth of the building is 15 m. Crackled in the Avenue bordering Spain, horizontal circulations of the building are located, allowing the 197 rooms are located in the second bay, counting all with sea views. While the north side is more opaque, with small window openings and fragmented by vertical communications that cross the building from north to south, the south facade, completely open to the sea, with extensive landscaped terraces introducing nature inside building.

A unique area with magnificent nature and marvelous Mediterranean views – undoubtedly the best place to rest. Everything you need to relax, rest, have fun, live and enjoy your life in the Costa del Sol is in arms reach.

Plot Area
3752 m²
Build Area
23192 m²
Suites rooms

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Luxury Front Line Beach Hotel in Estepona.

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